Recombinant Protein plus Polyclonal Antibody Guaranteed Service Package

For standard proteins, we offer guaranteed expression and purification service packages for recombinant protein expression in E. coli and generation of a corresponding polyclonal antibody. Our packages include all steps from cloning to purification for a fixed price for target sequences that are determined as standard proteins by our feasibility check during initial free individual consulting with our scientific experts. We guarantee the final yield, titer, purity and timeline – you only have to pay when we succeed!

Process of Protein Production plus Polyclonal Antibody Generation

Guaranteed Protein Expression Package Includes

  • All-inclusive from cloning to purification and antiserum generation for a fixed price!
  • Free feasibility check (see below) and dedicated consulting
  • Guaranteed yield: 3 mg purified protein plus 40 ml antiserum
  • Guaranteed purity: > 80 % protein purity
  • Guaranteed titer of antiserum: > 1:25.000
  • Guaranteed processing time: 20 business days for protein production, 50 business days for polyclonal antibody generation
  • Immunization of two rabbits by our reliable partner BioGenes
  • Comprehensive datasheet
  • Standard analytics: SDS Page, purity check, concentration determination
  • Guaranteed service – pay only when we succeed!


  Service options that can be ordered additionally:

  • Gene synthesis as starting point
  • Purchase of additionally produced protein
  • Immunization of other animal species
  • Generation of monoclonal antibodies
  • Proof of concept for demanding targets
  • Extended analytics, such as mass spectrometry, endotoxin detection, western blot or ELISA
  • Low endotoxin purification and endotoxin removal

“We are happy that trenzyme is such an experienced partner who complements our antibody generation service with their excellent protein production skills.”

Dagmar Schwertner-Knoll

BioGenes GmbH, Berlin


Guarantee – Pay Only When We Succeed!

We guarantee the final quantity and purity of your desired target protein in the given timeframe. You only have to pay when we succeed!

All-inclusive Service Package

We provide a high quality service package for recombinant protein expression in E. coli plus polyclonal antiserum generation. Everything from cloning to final protein purification and antiserum generation is included in a fixed price.



Transparency & High Quality

Our dedicated project management will guide your project through every step of the process and keep you constantly informed on the progress. Transparency and high quality service are our mission.


Free Feasibility Analysis & Consulting

Our free feasibility check of your protein sequence is the basis for our free individual consultation with you to define the ideal service strategy for your target that will lead to success.

Feasibility Check

During initial free individual consulting, our scientific experts run a feasibility check (e.g. literature and patent check, database check, product check, etc.) with your protein sequence to define the ideal service strategy for your specific target:


  • If your target sequence is determined by our feasibility check tools as standard protein, we offer the guaranteed service package.
  • If your target sequence is determined as challenging protein, we offer highly modular custom-tailored solutions.

Reinhold Horlacher, PhD

Reinhold Horlacher, PhD

Managing Director & CSO

We would be happy to provide you with support on your protein research project. Let us know your questions and requests, our scientific experts will reply shortly.

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