Cell Line Development – Inducible Expression

Inducible expression is a valuable tool for functional analysis of assay systems with toxic targets and without the risk of adaptation of the signaling pathway. Our ExoINDUCE technology combines the benefits of our ExoIN technology and raises the proven Tet induction system to a new quality level, allowing tight regulation and high level expression upon induction.


Inducible Expression Using ExoINDUCE technology

Our smart selection strategies guarantee highly effective inducible target protein expression in every mammalian cell line. Our ExoINDUCE system combines the benefits of the ExoIN system with the advantage of a counter selection via HSV-TK (H. simplex Thymidine Kinase) to ensure tight regulation.

HSV-TK can be used for counter selection of cells with leaky expression of the target as tightly repressed cells are ganciclovir resistant: Cells expressing HSV-TK, and therefore also the target, under non-inducing conditions die in the presence of the nucleoside analog ganciclovir, since HSV-TK phosphorylates ganciclovir, which then causes premature DNA chain termination resulting in apoptosis. Only cells with very low or no leaky expression under non-inducing conditions survive this counter selection step.

“We were astonished by Trenzyme’s recently delivered custom ExoIN cell lines. Even “difficult-to-express” constructs show stable and robust expression. I highly recommend Trenzyme’s cell line development service.”

PD Dr. D. Wicher

Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology


ExoINDUCE Elements

  • Control of target gene expression by a transcriptional regulator (TetR) that can be induced by doxycyclin.
  • Advantages of ExoIN system retained upon induction – target expression level is tunable via puromycine – truly induced cells are puromycin resistant.
Antje Fuhrmann, PhD

Antje Fuhrmann, PhD

Application & Sales Manager

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