trenzyme’s Partners & Clients

trenzyme collaborates with different partners from pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry to expand its service portfolio and to provide tailor-made solutions for its clients. Additionally, trenzyme has a long-standing and successfull collaboration with many clients from around the world, who benefit from its enormous expertise in recombinant protein production and cell line development.


AAC Infotray is our trusted partner providing us with customized Limsophy RALIMS and BPM software solutions. Limsophy supports cross-departmental thinking and acting. ‚Philosophy of Limsophy‘ means integrated information management. It is important that data crosses departments unobstructed and is made available to each department in its appropriate form. Limsophy simplifies the transformation of data into information and knowledge. trenzyme uses Limsophy RALIMS for it’s R&D laboratories and the complementary product Limsophy BPM for quality management to ensure high quality and transparency.

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Assay.Works builds on the legacy of the HTS Center of a leading biopharmaceutical company where we provided assay, screening, and quantitative biology services for drug discovery programs across therapeutic areas with high medical need. During our 16-year tenure, we developed and implemented more than 250 screens spanning all major drug target classes, and generated over 100,000,000 data sets. trenzyme and Assay.Works collaborate in the field of customized screening projects using protein or stable mammalian cell lines.

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BioGenes GmbH, a world-wide acting full-service provider for customized immunoassay and antibody development, and trenzyme enjoy a long history of successful collaboration in the field of recombinant protein production and antibody generation.
trenzyme’s long-standing expertise in recombinant protein production in connection with BioGenes’s extensive antibody know-how for complex antibody development, allows trenzyme to offer a high quality all-around-carefree package from cloning to final antibody generation for it’s clients.
BioGenes is certified to meet the international requirements and regularities of quality assurance and animal welfare and maintains long-term alliances with biotech and pharmaceutical companies as well as research institutes all over the world.

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BioLAGO is the health network in the four-country-region of Lake Constance (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein). Core areas of the more than 100 members are diagnostics and analytics, pharma, life sciences (e.g. biotechnology), medical technology as well as clinic and laboratory. The cross-border network links industry with science for innovations.

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trenzyme has entered into a partnership with Celonic AG, a Swiss contract manufacturing organisation, to collaborate on the development of high yield stable cell lines based on Celonic’s proprietary SEFEX cell line technology. Celonic is a privately owned CDMO based in Basel, Switzerland, providing comprehensive GMP development and manufacturing services for New Biological Entities (NBEs) and Biosimilars, worldwide. The services includes the development of cell lines, production processes, as well as the GMP and non-GMP manufacturing of biopharmaceutical drugs.

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Eurofins Genomics leads in genomic services and consistently contributes to the sequencing field with innovative products, scientific expertise and rigorous quality.
trenzyme collaborates with Eurofins Genomics in the field of stable cell line development, as Eurofins Genomics provides the MYCOPLASMACHECK for quality control of cell lines. In addition Eurofins Genomics is trenzyme’s preferred partner for all DNA sequencing jobs.

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Since 2012 Evonik Industries AG maintains the status of a preferred client. In return, trenzyme gained the status of a preferred service provider for Evonik. As such, trenzyme will continue handling projects in molecular biology and recombinant protein expression for Evonik.

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Genaxxon Bioscience is one of trenzyme’s trusted partners for life science products and consumables.

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trenzyme developed the Lonza NucleofectionPLUS technology enabling cryostorage of transfection-competent mammalian cells. The NucleofectionPLUS technology was licensed to Lonza in November 2011. It will be available from Lonza as NucleofectionPLUS supplement for every Nucleofection kit available. In addition, the technology will be used by Lonza in collaboration with trenzyme not only as kit supplement but as well as a service platform to provide life science researchers with high quality ready-to-transfect cells.

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Steinbeis Consulting Center Medicus Munus under the leadership of Dr. med. Stefan Fennrich offers a broad range of services such as development and support with health-related projects on an interdisciplinary level, including technology transfer from initial concepts to actual development and application. Visionary developments for medical applications and health care.

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Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd (OET)  and trenzyme GmbH, both experts in the field of recombinant protein expression, have agreed to collaborate so that the full potential of their complementary technologies can be realized.
Under terms of the collaboration, both companies will be able to offer a full range of recombinant protein expression services across a variety of platforms including baculovirus, yeast, bacterial and mammalian systems. The collaboration offers exciting possibilities in the field of the rapidly developing BacMam system, in which baculoviruses are used for protein production in mammalian cell lines. The BacMam system increases the options available to improve both the yield and quality of recombinant proteins. It also has applications in therapeutic fields including the production of recombinant vaccines and gene delivery into human cells. Furthermore, the BacMam system fits perfectly to the Cross Organism Expression platform of trenzyme allowing the fast and reliable screening of the best expression host for a given target protein in respect of timelines, yield and quality.

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Xell is an experienced partner for companies in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry providing them with highly-efficient solutions in cell culture technology.
As one of Europe’s leading companies for cell culture medium and feed development, Xell offers targeted, rapid and efficient services for development and optimization of specialized culture media for customer cell lines. For this, the company uses a proprietary approach based on metabolic models, powerful analytical tools, and a superior platform media technology. Besides customized formulations, Xell’s portfolio includes state-of-the-art off-the-shelf media products (e.g. CHO, HEK, Hybridoma) and special application solutions (e.g. transfection, virus production). Additionally we offer process services ranging from cell studies to media lot testing, process development and have a broad range of anaytical methods available.

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