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Guaranteed fixed-price protein manufacturing (FPPM):

3 mg protein in 20 business days

Key benefits:

 ·   Pay only when we succeed
 ·   No hidden, extra, or variable costs
 ·   Completely transparent
 ·   Free feasibility analysis within 24 hours
 ·   Shipped within 20 business days

Free up your resources by outsourcing your protein production. FPPM includes the generation of an expression plasmid, recombinant target protein expression in E.coli, and target protein purification. All we need from you is the plasmid DNA containing the target sequence.

Product details:

 ·   3 mg recombinant protein expressed in E. coli.
 ·   Greater than >75 % purity, as judged by densitometry of
 ·   Coomassie-stained gels.
 ·   Your choice of N- or C-terminal 6xHis tag.
 ·   Purified protein will be delivered overnight
 ·   on "blue ice" (+1 to +4 °C).
 ·   Detailed specification sheet including QC data
 ·   (spec sheet example).
 ·   Shipped within 20 business days starting the day we receive
 ·   the plasmid DNA from you.
 ·   Eventual additionally produced protein can be purchased

3 mg recombinant protein in 20 business days. Free feasibility analysis in 24 hours.

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